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We are an independent Spanish publishing house selling stories for children, young adults, and teachers.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair

We will be participating in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair this year.

 April 1-4, 2019

Please feel free to visit us in Hall 29 Stand C16/D15

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please contact: alegtz@editorialfineo.com


Te Quiero




The goal of Editorial Fineo is to publish picture books that nourish and cultivate a child’s imagination, build a more open world, one that is more human and full of solidarity.

¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!

Picture books must be beautiful, of course, or they will not be opened. They must entertain, or they will not be read. They must also be accurate, even when exploring a concept as complex as democracy or as delicate as race, violence, family, or death. Nonetheless, sparking a child’s imagination is the most difficult, yet most important thing.


Through the merge of art with storytelling, a picture book sets the imagination free. We are grateful for the writers and artists with whom it is our privilege to work. They continually find new stories to tell and new means of encouraging children to be themselves and to accept others. Our job is to vividly translate the art and stories we’re given from a simple page to the printed page. We are never tired of trying to perfect our craft.


Ventura y Aventura de Leer




Editorial Fineo books for adult readers have evolved from an exclusive focus on México and Spain regional culture and history to include general nonfiction and essays, philosophy, and the occasional novel that strikes us as so wonderful that we can’t resist publishing it.  We’ve also been able to add some amazing books to our list by distributing books for education councils, schools, universities, and other organizations.



At Editorial Fineo we believe the best way to contribute to the improvement of a just, equal, and prosperous society is through educational enrichment. We publish manuals and books that inspire the humble task of teaching in subjects such as democracy, art, history, and more specific topics such as theater, cinema, music, and emotional education. Behind every memorable teacher, there is a collection of memorable books. As a publishing house, we aspire to maintain our books in the libraries of unforgettable teachers.  



In Greek mythology, Phineas is considered the “King of Reason and Intelligence”. He is the god of Argonauts because although he was blind, he was able to catch a glimpse of the best sea routes that navigators should take. Thanks to Phineas’ intelligence, Jason obtained the Golden Fleece that was hidden on the other side of the world. 


King Phineas possesses the will and wisdom of the Greeks that allow him to illuminate people's paths. In this manner, and following his example, we have created this publishing house.  Our mission is to strengthen education and thus help create a more harmonious society. 


The objective is to publish great quality titles that help build a more intelligent, more open world, one that is more human and full of solidarity.




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